For the Holy Church, every death and every funeral is a painful event. We know that the price of sin is death and we know that the Lord suffered, died and himself rose from death to save us from eternal death. This last is the source of our hope, that as it was for Him, so it may be for us, one day. But the calamity of our present mortality remains. In death, all at last is pealed away from the soul. Nothing remains, and the soul stands naked before the eternal Judge. In this frightening moment, the Church brings forth the assistance of the armies of spirits and olso of other great souls that have made the leap from mortality to immortality. The Church calls out the angels and her Saints. The following is today a responsorial in the Catholic rites of the dead, but in the video below it is sung. The words are these:

Saints of God, come to his/her aid! Come ye to meet him/her, angels of the Lord, receiving his/her soul and presenting her before the Most High. [And to the departed,] May Christ, who called thee, receive thee and the angels lead thee into the bosom of Abraham. [And finally,] Eternal rest grant unto him/her, O Lord, and eternal light shine upon him/her.