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Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts

In January 2017 NRCDES launched Part 1 of the Diocesan Plan for Catholic Education in the Diocese of Nottingham. The key principle of this being that all the remaining VA schools would attain academy status and become part of one of four larger Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts (CMATs) formed by bringing together the existing MATs along geographic lines.

Part 2 of the Diocesan Plan was published in September 2017. This brought together the results of Working Groups that earlier in the year had looked at the areas of Leadership and Standards, Governance, HR and Finance and Operations and set out in more detail the expectations of how the new CMATs would operate. The proposals were endorsed by Bishop Patrick on 10th October.

The new CMATs will be established on 1st September 2017 timed to coincide with the conversion of the remaining VA schools to academy status.

Local Implementation Teams have been formed to lead both the process of merging the existing MATs and taking the VA schools through the conversion process. Their work is being overseen by a Local Implementation Committee made up of volunteer governors and directors.

In addition to Parts 1 and 2 of the Diocesan Plan you will find on this page a number of documents relating to the establishment of the new MATs and to the process of a school converting from VA to academy status.

Any questions you have related to the development of the new CMATs or the conversion of a VA school to academy status can be sent to You will receive a response as soon as we are able.

Diocesan Plan Part I Jan 2017 Diocesan Plan Part II Sep 2017

D1 - Articles of AssociationD2 - Scheme of Delegation

D3 - Model Diocesan ProtocolD4 - Role Outline and Code of Conduct (Directors)

D5 - Role Outline Company Secretary

D6 - Role Outline and Code of Conduct (Governors)

D7 - Role Outline Clerk to GovernorsD8 - CEO Job Description and Person Spec

D9 - Staffing StructuresD10 - Director of P and S Job Description and Person Spec

D11 - Case Study School Improvement Model

D12 - NRCDES Standards Committee Terms of Reference

Academies - FAQs Dec 2017

Governor Briefing June 17

Governor Role in Focus – linked to governor briefing

VA School to Academy briefing

VA Schools - FAQs Nov 2017

TUPE Transfer of staff to the new CMATs’

One of the key parts of the establishment of the new Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts (CMAT) is the transfer of staff over to the new CMATs.

The new CMATs will be the employer for all staff working in the academies in the CMAT.

This transfer of employment does not apply to staff that are in academies that are already part of one of the existing Academy Trusts (ATs) that will form the new CMATs or staff who have accepted a post in one of the new CMAT central teams. Details of which academies the transfer DOES NOT apply to is included in the FAQ linked to this article.

Those staff in schools or academies where the transfer does apply and whose employment contracts extend beyond 31st August 2018 will transfer to the new CMAT on 1st September 2018.

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (“TUPE”) will apply to the transfers. This requires that the Trade Unions and employer representatives are informed of the details of the transfer; briefly when the transfer will take place and if as a result there would be any changes to staff terms and conditions of employment.

Within the Nottingham Diocese we have experience of many academy conversions and a good number of TUPE transfers. Our approach to these has always been to ensure that the transfer has minimal impact on staff and to adopt what is termed as a ‘no measures’ approach. What this means is that staff transferring to the new CMAT will do so without any changes to their existing terms and conditions of employment or pay and pension arrangements and they will retain full continuity of service.

We hope that staff working in the 56 of our Catholic schools that have converted to academy status and so have already been through the TUPE process will attest to the process being a positive or at least benign one.

That said it is important that you know what to expect and are able to have access to as much information as you need on the process and be able to get answers to any questions that you may have. Therefore we hope that the attached TUPE FAQ will provide you with the information you need and responses to your questions. This will be updated over the coming weeks. We are again opening up the email box for questions, responses to which will go to provide weekly updates to the FAQ posted here on the website. Also attached for your information is the letter we were required under TUPE to send to the TU side informing them of the transfer.

The letter to the TU side refers to staff engagement sessions. It is our experience that most people are content to get information on the transfer through the FAQ and have their emailed questions answered. However, this does not suit everyone and so we have arranged informal open forum sessions for staff in each CMAT area. Details of the sessions are in the attached table. It is anticipated that they will last approximately one hour.

Attendance is entirely voluntary but if you do want to attend we would be grateful if you could confirm your attendance with details of the session you want to attend by emailing If you are planning on going to a session it would be helpful with venue set up to know at least a couple of days before the date of the session.

Further queries

Don’t forget if you have any issues that are not covered by this note or the FAQ please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

TUPE transfer FAQ

TUPE Single Consultation Letter

TUPE Transfer Staff Engagement Sessions