S. Norbert, Crowle

Published 5th of February 2019

37 Fieldside, Crowle, Scunthorpe DN17 4HL

Deanery of Scunthorpe

Clergy: Rev. Fr. N. Peoples (parish priest), Rev. Fr. E. Abbem; Rev. Mr. B. Croft (deacon).

Telephone contact: 01724 842197

Website: stnorbertcrowle.googlepages.com.

Mass timings: Sunday, 11.15; Holy days, 14.00, 19.30.

Confessions: the fourth Saturday of the month, 10.00; Thursday, 18.00 - 18.45.

Chairman of the pastoral council: to be updated.

Safeguarding representative: Mrs. C. Mainon.