Bishops of Nottingham


The Rt. Rev. Mgr. R. Brindle DSO (1837-1916), the fourth Bishop
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The Rt. Rev. Mgr. Edward Ellis DD (1899-1979), the seventh Bishop


The Rt. Rev. Malcolm McMahon (1949- ), the ninth Bishop
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1. The Right Rev. Mgr. William J. Hendren OSF (1791-1866): Born in Birmingham and a Franciscan priest, he was appointed as a missioner at Abergavenny in 1826 and then sent as Chaplain to a convent in Taunton from 1839 to 1848, after which he was named Vicar Apostolic of the Western District of Catholic England, succeeding Mgr. William Ullathorne. He was consecrated bishop in Bristol in 1848 and, following the re-establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in 1850, he was appointed as bishop of Clifton and took possession of his new diocese. In 1851, he was appointed to the new diocese of Nottingham, but retired to his convent in Taunton in 1853 because of ill-health, where he passed away in 1866 [text source].

2. The Right Rev. Mgr. Richard Roskell (1817-1883): Born in Liverpool, he was ordained deacon (1839) and then priest (1840) of the Midland District of Catholic England and later consecrated bishop of Nottingham in 1853. He was a Father of the First Vatican Council (1869-70), summoned by HH Pope Pius IX. Mgr. Roskell resigned from his Nottingham appointment in 1874 and was appointed titular bishop of Abdera in 1875 [text source].

3. The Right Rev. Mgr. Edward G. Bagshawe (1829-1915): Born in London, trained at S. Mary's College (Oscott) and a member of the London Oratory, he was ordained priest of that congregation and college in 1852 and later consecrated bishop for the diocese of Nottingham in 1874. He resigned from that appointment in 1901 and was appointed titular bishop in succession of Hypaepa and Seleucia in Isauria [text source].

4. The Right Rev. Mgr. Robert Brindle DSO (1837-1916): Born in Liverpool and ordained a priest of Plymouth in 1862, he was consecrated bishop in Rome in 1899 and appointed first as auxiliary bishop to the archdiocese of Westminster and then as titular bishop to Hermopolis Maior. In 1902, he was installed as bishop of Nottingham, resigning from that post in 1915 and receiving the titular See of Tacapae [text source].

5. The Right Rev. Mgr. Thomas Dunn (1870-1931): Born in London and ordained a priest of Westminster by Cardinal Vaughn in 1893, he was consecrated bishop by Cardinal Bourne of Westminster in 1916 and served as bishop of Nottingham until his death in 1931, the first of the bishops of the diocese to die in office [text source].

6. The Right Reverend Mgr. John F. McNulty DD MA (1879-1943): Born in Manchester, trained at Ushaw College, Cambridge, and S. Mary's College, Oscott, and ordained a priest of Salford in 1911, he served as parish priest of Ancoats S. Anne's, before being consecrated bishop in 1932 by Cardinal Bourne of Westminster and moving to Nottingham, which See he administered until his death [text source].

7. The Right Reverend Mgr. Edward Ellis DD PhD (1899-1979): Born in Nottingham and ordained priest of Nottingham in 1922, he was appointed to his own diocese and consecrated bishop by Mgr. William Godfrey of Westminster in 1944. He was a Father of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and retired from Nottingham in 1974 [text source].

8. The Right Reverend Mgr. James J. McGuinness (1925-2006): Born in Derry (Ireland), trained at S. Columb's College in Derry, Carlow College and S. Mary's College, Oscott, and ordained priest of Nottingham in 1950, he was appointed coadjutor bishop of Nottingham and titular bishop of Sanctus Germanus in 1972 and consecrated bishop Mgr. Edward Ellis. He succeeded Mgr. Ellis as bishop of Nottingham in 1974 and retired from this appointment in 2000 [text source].

9. The Right Reverend Mgr. Malcolm McMahon OP (1949- ): Born in London, trained as an engineer in the transport industry and later professed as a Dominican, he was ordained a priest of that Order in 1982 by Cardinal Basil Hume of Westminster, serving at Leicester and then S. Dominic's, Haverstock Hill, in London. In 1992, he was elected prior provincial of the English Province of the Dominicans and served two terms until his appointment to the bishopric of Nottingham and his consecration as bishop by the Rt. Rev. Mgr. McGuinness in 2000. He held that post until being appointed as archbishop of the metropolitan See of Liverpool in 2014, where he serves today [text source].

10. The Right Reverend Mgr. Patrick McKinney (1954- ): Born in Birmingham and ordained priest of Birmingham in 1978, he was appointed bishop of Nottingham in 2015 and consecrated at his cathedral church in Nottingham by Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster, and is today the tenth bishop of the See of Nottingham.