Coldham Cuddlies presents: the Dominican friar stuffed bear


Just in time for Saint Dunstan's feast day on the 19th of May comes the latest offering from Coldham Cuddlies, which benefits the Cathedral maintenance fund. Mrs. Morrell is calling this Dominican friar bear Father Dunstan OP. More pictures available at the Etsy page. Below

"His Dimensions are:
Height: 14 inches (36 cms) - mid-Head to Feet
Girth: 11 inches (28.5cms) - mid-Body
Weight: 5-6 ounces (c. 150g)
Arms: 5 inches (13 cms) - these are both movable.

"Father Dunstan is the name given to this Fund Raising Dressed Bear in the Shop - yours can be called anything you want! He is the result of a custom order from a fellow member of the St. Barnabas Arts & Crafts Guild and initially did take a bit longer to make than his fellow fund-raising Bears. I am confident the production process will speed up as he makes his mark! My own family have long-time Benedictine connections, and I've been challenged by a family friend to produce another Bear with monastic associations like Father Dunstan. That is being researched - so watch this space. Monks still work as Priests in communities around the world, so they can rightly be described as "Clerical Bears". If any of you would like to commemorate a monastic friend in this way, while continuing to support St. Barnabas Cathedral I'd love to hear from you. Please provide a photograph though - that can be a tremendous help when creating a new Coldham Cuddlies toy model - be it a "normal" cuddly or a novelty dressed Bear.

"All our Clerical Bears' purpose is to support the St. Barnabas Cathedral Maintenance Fund. Their original "mission" was to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Building of the Cathedral in 2019. That function was successfully accomplished, but their activities continue - and for as long as interest is expressed in them..."