Giving Life a chance

The defence of human life, and especially innocent human life, is a philosophical position that is given a more firm foundation by the consideration of its sacred nature, which the Church attributes to its origin in the creative action of God, with Whom it is closely tied and in Whom it has its end (Catechism, 2258). It follows naturally that nobody may claim the right to destroy an innocent human being. So, the Church continues to declare that human life is to be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. Our opposition to procured abortion is ancient, and any association even with it is considered a grave offence (Catechism, 2270-72). However, as the Catechism notes, the Church, in saying all this, does not wish to restrict the scope of Mercy, but to identify the seriousness of the crime, and the damage done not only to the innocent child suffering, but the family of the child and the wider society.

It is a joy to discover voluntary organisations that work to support families and young parents in this rather difficult area of modern life. One such organisation is Life, which (as from their website) aims to create a just society, which has the utmost respect for all human life from the moment of conception. They are convinced that the proposal made to parents of abortion of their growing child should be accompanied by the provision of alternatives. Therefore, their commitment to justice for unborn children and upholding the dignity of women is accompanied by the support in practical matters of both the parents, their families and indeed all concerned. The Life charity works nationwide, to provide prolife advocacy and education, and positive alternatives to abortion. They wish to inspire and inform us to value all human life, from beginning to end. This is done through Life Matters®, which covers their education, media, PR and other campaigns, and through Pregnancy Matters™, which spans their emotional and practical support services.

Life also runs a number of charity shops in the UK, to raise funds to support their work. Within the Diocese, the Life shops are located in Leicester (Tel. 01162 542328) and at Derby (Tel. 01332 366393). Donations of items for sale at these shops are vital and always welcome. The shops are supported by several of our parishes, which hold a Life charity box in their porches, where goods can be donated. Additionally, volunteers are always welcome to join the Life team. More information is to be had at their website.