Pascal on Faith

"The heart has its reasons which reason does not know at all; that is evident in a thousand things. I say that the heart loves universal being naturally and itself naturally in the measure that it surrenders itself to it; and it hardens itself against one or the other as it chooses. You have rejected one and kept the other; is it through reason that you love yourself?

"It is the heart that senses God, and not the reason. That is what faith is, God perceptible to the heart and not to reason.

"Faith is a gift of God; do not believe that we say that it is a gift of reason. Other religions do not say that of their faith; they provided reasoning only to attain it but it does not lead them there nevertheless.

"How far it is from the knowledge of God to a love of Him!

"Heart, instinct, principles."

- Blaise Pascal, Pensées, as included in A. C. Pegis (ed.), the Wisdom of Catholicism, Michael Joseph Ltd., London, 1950, p. 587-8.