When Elvis sang about 'the miracle of the Rosary'

It certainly is extraordinary to hear these words in Mr. Presley's distinctive voice. He had been raised in an evangelical denomination called Assemblies of God, but has the only song about a Catholic devotion on a major record label. From Father Devaney O.P. at the Dominicana journal in this 2014 article:

"For decades Elvis sang of Jesus (and the rest of the Holy Trinity), and he even recorded a version of the perfect prayer, the Our Father, all via what we commonly call Gospel Music. But what is the Rosary? Nothing else but the Prayer of the Gospels! The whole point of the Rosary – “The Miracle of the Rosary” if you will – is to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to bring us closer to her Son, as we reflect on his life, death, and resurrection with each bead that slips through our fingers."