Ongoing offertory – Switch to standing Order

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These are challenging times, financially and in other ways. However if it is appropriate for you, please consider making your regular Offertory gift by Standing Order. If you need to reduce your Standing Order, please do so. Either way, a reliable income from your Offertory, however small, will give the Church the confidence to plan for mission during the pandemic and afterwards.

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your gift without any cost to yourself by Gift Aiding it: complete this form and returning it to your Parish or email a scan of it to us.

For one-off donations we're planning to offer an online giving option - watch this space.

How to give by Standing Order

Firstly please obtain your Parish's bank details from your Parish Administrator or Parish Priest. If you'd like to make your Standing Order to the Diocese in general, please contact the Finance Office on 0115 953 9801.

To make your regular Offertory gift by Standing order:

  • If you are used to internet banking, set up a Standing Order via your own bank's website
  • Alternatively, print off this Standing Order form, and complete and sign it, and send it to your bank.

Thank you for your generosity.