Advice and Guidance

Please find below diocesan guidance on the definition of a practising Catholic.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales requires that those appointed as foundation directors/governors and certain key posts within Catholic schools are held by ‘practising Catholics’. This document defines what a ‘practising Catholic’ is for the purpose of these appointments. It should also be read in conjunction with ‘Christ at the Centre’ which provides a summary of why the Church provides Catholic schools.

It has been approved for use in the Diocese of Nottingham by Rt Rev Patrick McKinney STL, Bishop of Nottingham.

Catholic Schools and the Definition of a Practising Catholic

Local Governing Body Handbook

Please click on the link below for our handbook which provides guidance to support the effective operation of local governing bodies in the Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts of the Diocese of Nottingham

Local Governing Body Handbook

Complaints Procedure

Procedure for use in CMATs/Schools in the Diocese of Nottingham for the management of complaints from parents or carers.

CMAT/School Complaints Procedure

Guidance Note - Management of Complaints

Governor Welcome

This provides a suggested structure for induction of new governors. It sets out what as a minimum should be covered in the briefing session with the Headteacher, provides a list of essential documents that the school should ensure the governor has access to and provides a checklist for the governor themselves to use through the process. Schools are able to tailor and adapt the policy.

Any questions about the content of the policy or any issues arising should be directed to:

Neil Weightman Tel 01332 293 833 ext 211

Welcome Statement and Checklist