Additional Resources

Please find below a range of further resources which have been developed to further support the delivery of the ‘Come and See’ programme within our schools.

Making Links Grids

A set of 'making links' grids for each term, which encourages pupils to make links to specific sources during a given topic.

Making Links Grids - ADVENT Term

Making Links Grids - LENT Term

Making Links Grids - PENTECOST Term

Making Links Cards - Year 6

These have been produced to enable pupils to further explore opportunities to make links with a range of religious sources. It is suggested that teachers create an ‘RE sources’ box which would be available for pupils to use within their RE lessons.

RE Cards Hymns & Art

RE Cards Hymns & Art - Sources

RE Cards Mission Statement

RE Cards Pope Francis Quotes

RE Cards Prayer & Tradition

RE Cards Scripture

RE Cards Symbols & Traditions

RE Cards The 7 Sacraments

Extended Writing (KS2) Exemplers

A range of pupil written outcomes which reflect expectations aligned to the Diocesan 'End of Year Expectations'.

Extended Writing in RE 2020

Year of the Word - Suggested Activities and Initiatives

A range of resources, suggested activities and initiatives to be used within the primary school during the Year of the Word. This also includes the Year of the Word circular prayer card.

Year of the Word 2020 - guide for primary schools

Circular Prayer Card

Creative RE Displays

A range of ways in which RE is currently presented within some of our schools.

Creative Displays

Suggested 'Links and Reasons' Activities

Please see below a range of generic statements to use with pupils to further develop their religious literacy particularly in Key Stage 2. Some of our schools have used these to design bookmarks for use within RE lessons.

Links and Reasons

Revised Planning Exemplars (2017)

Please see below some revised planning materials which were devised for some recent ‘Come and See’ training days at the Diocesan centre, Mackworth.

Year 1 (Autumn)

Year 5 (Autumn)

Additional Background Notes

The following background notes provide further theological insight for teachers within some of the ‘Come and See topics.




Lent & Easter

Baptism & Confirmation