Primary RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

Many of our Primary schools are now using the Journey in Love programme. We have also developed further resources and guidance which can be used to further develop and enrich the delivery of RSE within our Primary schools. Details of which can be found below.

Journey in Love

A developmental programme for Primary school pupils.

The authors have collaborated with teachers and advisers over several years to produce this programme for Primary schools on RSE. It is intended that it will support teachers and parents in Catholic schools to enable the holistic growth of children.


NURSERY - Wonder at God's Love

RECEPTION - God loves each of us in our uniqueness

YEAR ONE - We meet God's love in our family

YEAR TWO - We meet God's love in the community

YEAR THREE - How we live in love

YEAR FOUR - God loves us in our differences

YEAR FIVE - Gods loves me in my changing and development

YEAR SIX - The wonder of God's love in creating new life



Resources can be ordered through our bookshop by emailing Patricia Hurd at

RSE Audit

The RSE audit enables schools to cross reference all aspects of provision and identify elements which can be found within other areas of school life.

RSE Audit File – click

RSE Policy and Further Guidance Materials

For the most current and up to date RSE guidance materials and policy documentation please use the following CES link;

Additional RSE resources for Years 5 and 6

Further resources have been devised and developed by Sister Dorothy Black specifically for Years 5 and 6. Please see below a selection of these materials. If you require any further information about these then do please contact the Primary RE adviser at

All I Know File - click

Childrens Evaluation File - click

Year 6 Growth of the Unborn Baby Planning - click

Protocol for visitors to Catholic schools

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