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At the present time – as of September 2021 and until further notice – the Diocesan archives are closed.

For archive queries, please contact Mr. Oliver Lewis:

Enquiries by post or by telephone cannot at present be answered.

The Nottingham Diocesan Archives cover the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, and Lincolnshire. They represent the collective history of the Diocese since it was formed in 1850.

This page presents details of the ways the Archives and the General Catalogue may be consulted. The various sources held are available in this catalogue, alongside information regarding other indices in the Archives, which are not available on the internet.

Indexes and Catalogues

The various catalogues and indices of information held in the Nottingham Diocesan Archives are downloadable as data files below. They are available in text format, in XLS database files and with an occasional PDF print file.

The General Catalogue

The General Catalogue shows the overall nature of the collections held in the Nottingham Diocesan Archives. It includes material on bishops, clergy, and laity who have served the Diocese of Nottingham. Also listed, are sources relating to the various missions or parishes, Confraternities, and Religious Orders. For researchers this is a useful index that gives an over-view of the material that is available. The other indices list particular features in greater detail. The General Catalogue also indicates the degree to which the various sources have been catalogued, listed or indexed.

Download the General Catalogue in XLS format.

The Year Book Index

Since 1921 the Diocese of Nottingham has published a Diocesan Year Book with the exception of 1926. The Diocesan Year Book may be regarded as the official record of Diocesan events. It includes details on each Parish, on Confraternities, personnel, and reports on the major events happening in that year. When appropriate, Obituaries are also included. Illustrations and photographs are also indexed.

The Diocesan Year Book Index lists entries by year and page numbers, and is in two volumes.

Volume 1 covers the period 1921-2000, that is, the Episcopates of Bishops Dunn, McNulty, Ellis, and McGuinness.

Download Volume 1 of the Yearbook indices in XLS format.

Download the catalogue of illustrations for volume 1 of the Yearbook indices in XLS format.

Volume 2 covers the period commencing 2001 and the Episcopate of Bishop McMahon.

Download the catalogue of illustrations for volume 2 of the Yearbook indices in XLS format.

The Consolidated Index

The Consolidated Index contains details of printed/typed manuscript articles related to the Diocese of Nottingham which are held in the Archives. The material is contained in books, journals, pamphlets, and theses. This section includes, for example, biographies of priests, writings by local Religious personnel, Parish Histories, Journals including Catholic Life, and theses on Diocesan History and the Irish in Leicester.

Download the Consolidated Index in XLS format.

The Parish Magazine Index

The Nottingham Diocesan Archives contain a varied collection of Parish Magazines from 1869-date, covering nearly 50% of parishes from the Fens to the High Peak, including cities like Nottingham, suburban developments and widely spaced, old rural established missions.

Despite their various differences, Parish Magazines possess several common elements, and although their contents may be regarded as anecdotal at times, their contents are a reflection of times past. They provide a first hand account of trends and changes at the parish level.

Firstly, they contain the kind of practical information found in our present-day weekly Parish Newsletters. Secondly, the magazines have many devotional/doctrinal articles written in a variety of genres, including plays, diaries, lecture notes and essays. Thirdly, there are articles relating to contemporary concerns involving Catholics, whether of local, national or international significance. Finally, the magazines contain a wide variety of miscellaneous articles including recipes, and answers to correspondents’ questions.

Download Volume 1 of the Parish Magazine Index in XLS format.

Download Volume 2 of the Parish Magazine Index in XLS format.

The Photographic Index

This is in the process of compilation and should be online soon. In the meantime, researchers can contact the Archives with individual or specific enquiries.