Diocesan Commissions

1. The Commission for Adult Formation

2. The Ecumenical Commission

3. The Commission for Evangelisation

4. The Inter-religious Commission

5. The Justice and Peace Commission

6. The Liturgical Commission

7. The Marriage and Family Life Commission

8. The Commission for Ongoing Formation and Support for Clergy

9. The Safeguarding Commission

10. The Vocations Service

11. The Youth Service

12. The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Commission

This is a quick directory. For more information on the various diocesan commissions, please use the links on the list to the left.

1. The Commission for Adult Formation: the aim of the adult formation and parish catechesis is the on-going growth in faith of adult members of our Catholic community in the diocese of Nottingham, by providing advice and training in catechesis and adult formation. Please contact Mrs. D. Williams at 0115 9539800 or at adult.formation@dioceseofnottingham.uk

2. The Ecumenical Commission: the aim of the Commission is to challenge and facilitate Christians of all denominations, living and working within the diocese of Nottingham to recognise the presence of Christ within them and to live out their lives as fully as possible as followers of Christ. The Commission exists specifically to enable and empower Catholics to play their full part in the ecumenical life of the area in which they live, so that together Christians can witness to the world, especially to those who as yet do not know Christ. The Bishop has appointed Mrs. F. Wickes, catechetical coordinator for S. Mary's, Derby, and Holy Family, Allestree, and school chaplain to S. Mary's primary school and nursery, to chair the Commission. Please contact Mrs. S. Endsor at 01332 661819 or at Sandra.endsor@ntlworld.com.

3. The Commission for Evangelisation: the Bishop has appointed Rev. Fr. G. Murphy as the Vicar for Evangelisation and Mission. Please contact Ms. C. Ward at 02084583316 or at clare.ward@caseresources.org.uk, for more information and study materials.
Website: http://www.caseresources.org.uk/

4. The Inter-religious Commission: the Bishop has appointed Rev. Canon E. Jarosz as coordinator for inter-religious dialogue.

5. The Justice and Peace Commission: the Commission works towards exploring the causes of injustice, increasing awareness among others of these issues, praying that unjust situations might be changed for the better, working for justice both at home and abroad and providing practical assistance for those in need. The Commission works through parish groups, ecumenical groups, inter-faith groups, through individuals and other contacts. Please contact the Justice and Peace Fieldworker, Paul Bodenham at

6. The Liturgical Commission: the Commission aims to value, improve and enrich the liturgical life of the Diocese within a changing context. Please contact Mr. D. Norton at damian.norton@live.co.uk or Rev. Fr. A. Cole at andrew.cole@nrcdt.org.uk.

7. The Marriage and Family Life Commission: the Commission aims to encourage, support and enrich marriage within the diocese, to facilitate ministry to those experiencing difficulties in their relationships, and to nurture family life. Please contact the director, Rev. Fr. D. Palmer at 0115 978 6236 or at

8. The Commission for Ongoing Formation and Support for Clergy: the aim of the Commission is to support the on-going formation of the clergy of the Diocese. Please contact the director, Mrs. K. Foong at 0115 953 9807 or at 07710 101588 or at
Website: http://www.clergyogfnottingham.org/

9. The Safeguarding Commission: the Commission is dedicated towards the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults from any form of abuse or ill-treatment and to promote a safe environment for them. Please contact the Coordinator, Mr. J. Creedon at 0115 960 3010 or at

10. The Vocations Service: the Service exists to assist with vocations to the priesthood, to the diaconate and to the religious life in the Diocese. Please contact the Vocations Director, Rev. Fr. P. Newman at 0115 950 1064, or at nottinghamvocations@hotmail.co.uk.
Website: http://www.nottinghamvocations.co.uk/

11. The Youth Service: the Service works around the Briars Youth Retreat Centre in Crich. Please contact the director, Mrs. A. Gillespie, at angela@ndcys.com, the outreach coordinator, Mr. P. Vickers at peter@ndcys.com, or the Retreat Centre at 01773 852044.

12. The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Commission: the Commission is presided over by the Bishop and chaired by Fr. M. Eastwood and Canon P. Ziomek. Please contact the Secretary, Mrs. C. Bermingham at 07818 416998, or by sending e-mail to celiabermingham@talktalk.net.