The General Directory for Catechesis is an essential resource for religious educators, teachers, and catechists.

The Directory offers a detailed presentation of the goals and essential elements of catechesis, from its role in the Church's mission of evangelisation, to norms and guidelines for its presentation, to adaptations for various groups and situations. An essential companion to the Directory is the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis in his document Evangelii Gaudium, says: "Catechesis is a proclamation of the word and is always centred on that word, yet it also demands a suitable environment and an attractive presentation, the use of eloquent symbols, insertion into a broader growth process and the integration of every dimension of the person within a communal journey of hearing and response." (EG 101)

Catechesis comes from the Greek word ‘catechein’ – to echo. At the time of St Paul it was used to mean to hear, to learn, to instruct so, Catechesis then is about, hearing, learning, teaching.

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