Using Zoom

Welcome to our 'Using Zoom' page. Currently this page gives information on how to attend Zoom meetings soon we will be sharing information on how to run catechesis, talks or times of prayer on Zoom.

Zoom is a video meeting programme that you we are using to deliver talks, meetings and webinars. You can join a meeting with video and/or audio from your computer, tablet or smartphone. alternatively you can join the meeting through a phone call by calling a UK number and entering the meeting ID number and passcode; you'll be able to hear the meeting this way.

Below are videos and instructions of how to access zoom and join one of our meetings.

If you have any questions or wish to do a test call before hand please email:

Accessing Zoom

You do not need to download any software or applications, or even create a zoom account to access one of our meetings on zoom. When you have registered for one of our events you will receive an email with a link to the meeting. Save this email as you will need the link for the day of the meeting. You can click on the link and it will open the meeting in your web browser and you just have to click launch meeting. Ignore any prompts to download zoom. Your web browser may need to be google chrome or Firefox, as there can be issues using Microsoft Edge or Explorer.

If you do wish to download the programme or app you can downloaded on PC, Mac, Android or iOS here: (See the first video below)

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Once you have received your confirmation email there are three ways you can join the meeting:

  1. Through your web browser by clicking on the link and following the instructions in the section to the left of here titled accessing zoom. (See the second video below)
  2. Through the Zoom app or programme. You can do this in two ways: open the email on your phone, tablet or computer and then click on the link and when the pop up box appears click launch in zoom meetings. Or by opening the app or programme and clicking join meeting then fill in the meeting ID and password found in the email. (See the third video below)
  3. By calling one of the numbers listed in the email from your phone. (See the fourth video below)