The Ecumenical Commission


Mission Statement

‘That we all May be One so that the world may believe’
We undertake to …Explore, Value, Promote, Celebrate.

Aims of the Commission:

To challenge and facilitate all Christians living and working within the diocese of Nottingham to
recognise the presence of Christ within them and to live out their lives as fully as possible within their
own church and community.

The commission exists specifically to enable and empower Catholics to play their full part in the
Ecumenical life of the area in which they live, so that together the whole church can witness to the
world, especially to those who as yet do not know Christ

Current Commission members - May 2018

President: Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick McKinney
Chair: Mrs. Fran Wickes (, who may be contacted by mail FAO Mrs. Fran Wickes, via Diocese of Nottingham, Willson House, 25 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 AW.
Secretary: Fran Wickes (

Leicestershire Diocesan Ecumenical Officer: Mr. Victor Allsop (

Lincolnshire Ecumenical Administrator: Mr. John Rose (

Other members:
Rev. Canon Alan Burbidge
Rev. Canon Edward Jarosz
Rev. Fr. George Thomas
Rev. Jonathan Smithurst (representative for the Anglican diocese of Southwell and Nottingham)
Mrs. Maureen Jones
Mrs. Nanette Brown
Mrs. Annette Scholes
Mr. Chris Howitt

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Ecumenical Commission Questionnaire

The Nottingham Diocesan Ecumenical Commission is attempting to get an overall picture of Ecumenism across the diocese, so we’ve put together a questionnaire and would be really grateful if you could find time to fill it in (or pass it on to someone else to complete).

If you prefer to send some comments on your views on ecumenism and how effective it is, rather than answering the questions, that would be equally welcomed.

If there is any way the Ecumenical Commission can assist you or your parish, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Nottingham DEC