Heal the world

Heal the world

Join us on Monday evenings and Friday mornings in October 2020 to 'heal the world'

Meet fellow Catholics, reinvigorate your faith, and pray with us for a wounded world.

“We will explore together how our Catholic social tradition can help the human family heal this world that suffers from serious illnesses. It is my desire that everyone reflect and work together, as followers of Jesus who heals, to construct a better world, full of hope for future generations”

– Pope Francis, Angelus, 5 August 2020

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Pope Francis memorably described the Church as a field hospital: he urged us to ‘heal wounds and warm hearts’ and reach out with ‘nearness, proximity’ to a wounded world. That was last year, before we’d heard of Covid-19.

Now the world is both nurse and patient. Now more than ever, Jesus calls us to give a healing touch. But how?What does it mean for you, for all of us, to live the Gospel right now?

In August Francis began a series of audiences on ‘healing the world’. They are a masterclass in compassionate discipleship – simple, timely and rich in wisdom.

You are warmly invited to this series of explorations of faith and action hosted by the Nottingham Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission, on Monday evenings and Friday mornings from 5 October. You don’t have to attend them all – come to whichever you can manage.

If you’ve never read a papal text before, you won’t be alone – but this is a good place to start! Pope Francis is known for his warm and engaging style. It will take 10 minutes to read each audience, but you are welcome also to ponder the questions for discussion before we meet.

You can join by Zoom or by telephone. In each session we will:

  • Take a few minutes for meeting and greeting
  • Start with Morning or Evening Prayer shared on the screen
  • Focus on one of Francis’ ‘Healing the world’ audiences
  • Reflect in small groups to read the signs of the times, for ourselves and our Church
  • Share our conclusions to encourage each other and help to build the church’s mission of charity, justice and peace in a wounded world.

As well as reinvigorating your own faith, you will also help to build Caritas, a new diocesan ministry for Catholic social outreach.