Heal the world - sessions

Heal the World

Session outline

We'll meet twice a week from 5 October:

  • Mondays evenings at 5.30 p.m.
  • Friday mornings at 9.30 p.m.

The 'Zoom room' will be open half an hour beforehand for informal chat and fixing any technical issues.

After five minutes of introductions we'll join in Morning or Evening Prayer of the Church, which will be shown on your screen.

We'll then have a short introduction to one of Pope Francis' audiences, as listed opposite, with some questions to consider. You can see a sample of these below.

We'll break into small groups for half an hour to discuss the questions.

Then we'll reconvene to share our conclusions, and finish with a prayer. You're then welcome to stay on for a while for further chat.


Sessions will take place on the dates and themes listed below. Each time we'll focus on a different talk by Pope Francis, which you can find by clicking the link.

5 October: Healing through friendship

9: We are social beings

12: The strength to come out better

16: The economy is sick

19: The Babel syndrome

23: The civilisation of love

26: From exploitation to contemplation


Each session will include time in groups of four or five. We'll explore what Pope Francis is saying in the relevant Audience for the session (see the programme above). There will be some focus questions to guide the conversation. Here is a sample of the questions we'll offer.

Session 1: To heal the world

  • Francis reflects on the encounter between Jesus and the paralysed man. Have you found something like paralysis in your experience of lockdown – or would you use a different analogy from the Bible? What ‘paralysis’ has the pandemic revealed in the wider world?
  • Jesus offered a healing which is both ‘physical and spiritual’ – through friendship. Francis asks, ‘Today, in what way can we help heal our world?’ How would you respond?
  • Francis finds healing for the world’s ills in the principles of Catholic social teaching – which is said to be ‘the Church’s best-kept secret’! How much do you feel you know about Catholic social teaching?
  • How in practice can the Church respond to the needs and opportunities you have discussed? How could Caritas in Nottingham Diocese help you and your parish to play your part?