The evidence of homelessness is all around. Rough sleeping has been rising sharply in the diocese of Nottingham. But far more people are homeless than we will ever see on our streets.

They are “hidden homeless”, often spending nights sofa surfing or living in squats. Many lose their home in a perfect storm of ill-fortune and vulnerability that could descend on any of us.

Everyone bears the image of God, and that is why the church defends the dignity of every person against the scandal of homelessness.

The Diocese is has teamed up with two local charities, the Canaan Trust and YMCA Derbyshire to promote World Homeless Day (10 October each year) and Homeless Sunday the same week, and to encourage Catholics and parishes to make a difference.

A fantastic new website gives parishes in Nottingham Diocese all the tools to mark Homeless Sunday each October, and to take action throughout the year.

If we can help you and your parish get started in acting on homelessness locally, get in touch and we'll be happy to advise.