Imagine... workshops

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Neighbours caring for the most vulnerable.
Hotel rooms for the homeless.
Applause for the workers who matter most, but are paid the least.
Cleaner air and thriving wildlife.
A rediscovery that we need each other, after all.
We've seen it happen - now let's make it stick.

Here in Nottingham Diocese we are joining the global Caritas network—and if you are a parishioner here, you will be part of it too. It's an invitation to everyone to share in realising the Kingdom of God, even during lockdown.

With Imagine... we're laying foundations for Caritas. You're warmly invited to an online workshop in August on the opportunities in the county where you live. We'll map what Catholics are already doing, and plan new forms of outreach after the pandemic, across six themes:

  • Building communities of missionary disciples
  • The environment and global responsibility
  • Poverty, homelessness and human dignity
  • Support for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Tackling modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Overcoming social isolation.

These workshops are an opportunity provided by the Justice and Peace Commission to:

  • Meet fellow Catholics in neighbouring parishes who want to put their faith into action
  • Map how Catholics are already making a difference locally through social action
  • Identify needs and opportunities for new forms of mission, service and outreach after the pandemic
  • Lay foundations for Caritas in the diocese.

Join by telephone or video-conference on the relevant date below:

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