Missionary discipleship

An invitation to share what Jesus' call to missionary discipleship means to you


Fran Wickes from St Mary's Academy in Derby about missionary discipleship:

It’s wonderful to see Pope Francis and other Catholic leaders genuinely encouraging ordinary people like me to share our faith with others. We need to stop hiding our light under a bushel!

I’m blessed to work in a school and parish and am privileged to spend my work days talking about Jesus to the young and not so young!


For Paul Bodenham, from St Anne's parish, Radcliffe-on-Trent, and the diocesan Justice and Peace Fieldworker:

It calls me to step outside of myself and into the midst of others. It's about believing the best of people, and helping them reveal it. 'The glory of God is a human being fully alive' (Irenaeus)

I hear a call particularly to work for the protection of the Earth, our common home. As things stand we will pass on to future generations a difficult planet to live on. We can do better than that.

You are warmly invited to make a small contribution to a time of reflection across the diocese of Nottingham on ‘what missionary discipleship means to me’.

Missionary discipleship is the third of three themes which Bishop Patrick has laid out as foundations for the future in our diocese. We have encountered Christ in Word and Sacrament; we been following him as disciples (or at least we have tried); and now he sends us into the world. This invitation comes from a group working with Bishop Patrick to map out how we as a diocese can respond to Jesus’ call in today’s world. Please join us on the journey!

We’d like to gather at least 50 ‘vox pops’ in which people share how they experience the call mission. Could you be one of them?

You’re invited to write just a few words which could be put out during Eastertide on Twitter, the Justice & Peace Commission’s magazine Just Now, or in the diocese’s printed media.

There are two simple questions we’d like to ask:

  • What does Jesus' call to missionary discipleship mean for you?
  • Would you like to give us an example of how you seek to you live out that call?

And we only need 200 words, on either or both, plus a photo of yourself.

Click this link to for the webpage where you can provide a response.