The Sisters of Providence of Ruillé-sur-Loir


Founded in 1806 at Ruillé-sur-Loir, France, by Father Jacques François Dujarié.


Père Jacques Dujarié [image source]

Called to live in community
we pray together daily
and share all the aspects of fraternal, daily life.
We are open to the lives of men and women, and
to the Church, attentive to the everyday realities
of the milieu in which we live,
with particular attention to the poor, both
spiritually and materially.
Based on these aspirations, we exercise our
ministry in the domains of health, pastoral work,
various aspects of education, social care and
connected charitable associations.

In this way, we respond to our calling:
- to witness to the love and goodness of the Father;
- to live a life of hope in complete trust, simplicity and joy; and
- to announce Jesus Christ to the poor.

Founded in 1806 by Père Jacques Français Dujarié, with Mère M. Madeleine in 1818 and Mère Marie in 1822, the Sisters arrived on one side in England in 1896 and onwards in the Netherlands in 1902 and to Sri Lanka in 1948. On the other side, the Sisters arrived in Indiana with Mère Théodore in 1840, with further missions to Taiwan and Peru, and onwards to the Belgium in 1897 and Madagascar in 1964.

In the Diocese of Nottingham, we have a community in Lincoln. For more information, please visit our website at, or send e-mail to Sr. Eileen.