English Martyrs, Alvaston

Published 9th of September 2017

16 Hollis Street, Derby DE24 8QU

Deanery of Derby

Clergy: Rev. Fr. M. Brentnall.

Parish assistant: Sr. G. Haynes RSM.

Telephone contact: 01332 574474, 01332 346920 (Sr. G).

E-mail contact: englishmartyrs@nrcdt.org.uk.

Website: englishmartyrsparish.org.uk.

Mass timings: Saturday, 18.30; Sunday, 10.30; Holy days, as announced.

Confessions: Saturday, 17.45 - 18.15.

Chairman of the pastoral council: Mr. T. Spencer.

Safeguarding representatives: J. Rayner and B. Rayner.