Our Lady of Good Counsel, Rushey Mead, Leicester

Published 5th of March 2020

Gleneagles Avenue, Rushey Mead, Leicester LE4 7ZB

Deanery of Leicester

Clergy: Rev. Mgr. J. Lally, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Abbem (assistant priest), Rev. Mr. W. Myers (deacon), Rev. Mr. S. O'Looskan (deacon).

Telephone contact: 0116 266 1621.

E-mail contact: ourladysgoodcounselchurch@gmail.com.

Mass timings: Saturday, 18.00; Sunday, 10.15; Holy days, 9.00, 19.00.

Confessions: before the Saturday evening Mass.

Chairman of the pastoral council: Mrs. Catherine Cardoza.

Safeguarding representative: Mrs. Joanita Fernandez.