S. Francis of Assisi, Long Eaton

Published 5th of March 2020

199 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, via Nottingham NG10 1DH

Deanery of Nottingham

Clergy: Rev. Fr. C. A. Thomas; Rev. Deacon Chris Stevens (0115 808 5428).

Telephone contact: Rev. Fr. C. A. Thomas (0115 922 8145) or 08445 874816; the pastoral council at 08445 880932; the safeguarding team at 08445 880933.

E-mail contacts: the Parish Priest at frcathomas@live.com; the parish deacon at deacon@lecatholic.org.uk; the lay volunteers at admin@lecatholic.org.uk.

Website: www.lecatholic.org.uk.

Mass timings: Saturday, 18.30; Sunday, 11.00; Holy days, as announced.

Confessions: Saturday, before the evening Mass.

Secretary of the pastoral council: Mr. D. Boott.

Safeguarding representatives: Mrs. C. Morris, Mrs. J. Watts.