S. Francis of Assisi, Long Eaton

Published 11th of September 2019

199 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, via Nottingham NG10 1DH

Deanery of Nottingham

Clergy: Rev. Fr. C. A. Thomas; Rev. Deacon Chris Stevens (0115 808 5428).

Telephone contact: Rev. Fr. C. A. Thomas (0115 922 8145) or 08445 874816; the pastoral council at 08445 880932; the safeguarding team at 08445 880933.

E-mail contacts: the Parish Priest at frcathomas@live.com; the parish deacon at deacon@lecatholic.org.uk; the lay volunteers at admin@lecatholic.org.uk.

Website: www.lecatholic.org.uk.

Mass timings: Saturday, 18.30; Sunday, 11.00; Holy days, as announced.

Confessions: Saturday, before the evening Mass.

Secretary of the pastoral council: Mr. D. Boott.

Safeguarding representatives: Mrs. C. Morris, Mrs. J. Watts.

History: The Catholic Mission to Long Eaton probably begins with the intention of Mgr. Bagshawe, the third Bishop, to bring the Mass to the areas surrounding Nottingham. So, he reports to Rome in 1885 that a new church building had been built (1883) at Long Eaton, capable of holding 120. This small congregation was at first unable to host a priest locally, and there was some opposition to a Catholic building in the town. However, a priest did move into Long Eaton in 1895. By 1929, the old corrugated iron building of 1883 was bringing in the weather and the the foundations of the present building were laid, the building opened in 1930. In 1995, the building was dramatically reordered, with the creation of a curved sanctuary, a new baptismal-font installation and other artwork. The English Martyrs' primary school was opened in 1965 and has taken students from Long Eaton, Stapleford and Beeston. The parish has been blessed, between 1939 and 1964, with the presence of the Austrian Daughters of Divine Charity.

Source: Canon A. P. Dolan, Good News for the East Midlands: an account of the background to, and the story of, the Diocese of Nottingham, Tucann Books, 2018, pp. 176-7.