"The 'Liverpool Experience' was amazing, with much food for thought, and the need to see it all again in short bursts"

Listen to Bishop Robert Barron's talk here along with other presentations:




Mr. M. K. Bamuh is one of our parishioners from S. Augustine of England, off the Woodborough Road, to the north-east of Nottingham City. He has very kindly provided us with a detailed notebook from the event. You may download this file by clicking on the link below:

Parishioner Doug Robertson's blog of the Adoremus Weekend:


A reflection from Sr. Margaret Finnegan PBVM AND Sr. Justine Mulcahy PBVM, from Leicester S. John Bosco, on their attendance at Adoremus...

"After an early departure, we arrived in Liverpool in good time for the start at 10.00, at the Liverpool ECCO Arena. The place was full, with thousands of people from all parts of the country and one could sense the faith, enthusiasm and expectation of the participants.

"After the welcomes, and prayer, we had the first talk from Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles, a well-known speaker and broadcaster. He was excellent and kept us spellbound with his serious and thought-provoking words on the Mass, yet delivered in a light-hearted manner.

"His message was that, primarily, our Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Mass is the most sublime form of prayer and worship of our loving God and Creator.

"It is not meant for me or you alone. We are sent out to evangelise, to tell others of the joy, peace and love of being a follower of Jesus and a member of the Church, where we are supported in good times and bad. The theme of the second talk from Bishop Robert was sainthood and Eucharistic Adoration. If Christ is the centre of our lives, all other aspects are linked to that centre and bring about wholeness, harmony and a purpose in life.

"Questions to ask ourselves, perhaps? Is everything in my life attached to Christ or do I seek wealth, pleasure, power and honour? Do I 'waste' time in His presence in prayer? Do I use opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration? There were other presentations on how to evangelise. At the end of the day, Cardinal Nichols and all the bishops processed into the arena and led the people in silent worship before the Blessed Sacrament. This was very prayerful and moving. The singing of the Cathedral choir and the thousands present was heavenly. We left for Leicester feeling joyful and spiritually uplifted."

- Srs. Margaret and Justine.