AlterNativity 2018... doing Christmas differently

Published 29th of October 2018

When: Saturday, the 10th of November, from 10.00 to 14.00

Where: The Mary Forryan Centre, Leicester Road, Hinckley

AlterNativity was introduced to Hinckley over ten years ago and started by a group from various Hinckley churches as an alternative to the mass hype and marketing of Christmas. It is a way of returning to the 'true' spirit of giving, an act of giving something to someone who is in desperate need while also being able to show your love to a family member or friend by giving the gift in their name. It has the added benefit of solving the dilemma of what to buy for those who have everything, or can't decide what they want!

A selection of charities are invited to come along and offer for sale a 'gift,' which can be offered to a local person or family, it can be offered nationally or even internationally - the range is widespread. The costs of the gifts are kept to £25 or below, and a selection of 'children's gifts' are available at a lower price, either for children to buy or, as we have found, to be bought for children. Order forms will be available at the event or from local churches and S. Peter's Priory, London Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1LW, or after the event from the website. There is a mail order facility which is open until the 7th of December.

Please come a long and talk to the representatives of the charities and the AlterNativity representatives (look for the red shirts); you will be very welcome, and refreshments are available.