Augustin Welby Pugin and the Gothic interior: pattern colour abstraction

Published 31st of August 2019


UPDATE: This event has been cancelled. With many apologies.

When: the 1st of November, 2019, from 19.30 (after the evening Mass of All Saints)

Where: Cathedral Hall, 2 Upper Circus Street, Nottingham NG1 5AE

Augustus Welby Pugin (1812-52) has long been recognised as one of the leading architects and architectural theorists in nineteenth-century Britain, yet his contribution to the history of interiors and decorative art is less well known. A convert to Catholicism, his father’s religion, Pugin passionately embraced the Gothic style as one that answered the needs of his age.

It could be argued that his design manifesto of 1841, The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture, was the most important book on architecture and design in the Victorian era. Eight years later it was followed by Floriated Ornament, a slim volume of beautiful patterns for stencilled interior decoration, some of which appear in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in St Barnabas.

This lecture will examine Pugin’s momentous contribution to the history of interiors and decorative art, and will place the work at St Barnabas into a wider context.

Megan Aldrich FSA lectures and researches across the areas of architecture, furniture, interiors and garden design; she is the former Academic Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, edits the journal of the Decorative Arts Society, teaches in the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

She is the author of the beautifully illustrated Gothic Revival (Phaidon 1997, £25 hardback), available from all good bookstores.

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