Praying through the storm: the experience of St. Teresa

Published 27th of June 2020


When: the 4th of July, 2020, from 10.30

Where: entirely online, click here to register, or send e-mail to or call 07849596572

“Lord to whom we shall go? You have the words of Eternal Life.” - Gospel of S. John, 6: 68

These are difficult times and people are searching for solutions. Our trainings and sophisticated systems and our faith all seem inadequate in the light of the present crisis. In the face of our helplessness, we ask the same question as did the disciples: to whom shall we go? Who do we turn to? Where shall we find help in this day of trouble? Where shall we find rest for our wearied souls? In this presentation, the Rev. Fr. Liam Finnerty OCD, a Carmelite priest, will explore these questions, drawing insights from Carmelite spirituality especially the guidance of Saint Teresa of Jesus, who also faced challenging times and left us a wealth of teaching in her writings on how one can pray through the storms of life.

Fee: £20.

Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality,
The Carmelite Priory, Boars Hill, Oxford, OX1 5HB