Set Your Captives Free - #RedWednesday

Published 14th of October 2020

When: 25th November, 16.00 – 18.00

Where: online event, visit this page.

"The terror that many Christians face is something hard to comprehend in the West. Around the world, countless numbers of Christians are kidnapped, attacked or killed. Thousands more face discrimination and legal abuses in core aspects of their lives – housing, wages, education, access to healthcare and future prospects – and all because of their faithfulness to Christ.

"On the day of #RedWednesday, join us for the launch of our Set your Captives Free report which explores four particular cases of Christians who have been unjustly detained for their faith, along with a wider look at the growing issue of religious persecution. The launch of this report will be a part of our digital Red Wednesday event, coming live to your from the Houses of Parliament. This report discusses vital issues and is truly ground-breaking. You are able to order your free copy after watching the event."