Understanding mental illness: inspiring care for faith-community leaders of all religions

Published 17th of March 2020

When: Wednesday the 22nd of July, 2020, from 9:30 to 17.00

Where: Conference Rooms, Centre for Research and Development, Kingsway Hospital, Derby DE22 3LZ

Engaging and supporting the people you serve and care, who present to you with mental illness.

A free specialist one day multi-faith course for faith leaders and practitioners of all faiths in the Midlands. Course contents include:

  • What mental illness is.
  • What mental illness isn’t.
  • What you should do.
  • What you shouldn’t do.
  • How to look after yourself.
  • Expert panel question time.

Led by NHS Psychiatrists from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, GPs & Healthcare Chaplains

Please send e-mail for more details and to reserve your place.