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Thanksgiving for 170 years of the Sisters of Mercy, at Derby - the Bishop's homily

"...We know in hearts where Christ is allowed to dwell and to work there is always self-giving and…
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Newman: a short biography

Author Michael Collins has written Newman: A Short Biography, an essential, accessible biography of…
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Natural fertility matters

"...the Creighton Model System... is consistent with Catholic teaching, based on the respect for…
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Nottingham Diocese LGBT+ ministry

"LGBT+ Catholics share their lives as disciples of the Lord Jesus with all other groups and…
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JOB ALERT: Executive director, CBCEW

"An opportunity to work with the General Secretary to further develop the Bishops’ Conference…
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The Bishop's homily for the Mass of Ordination on the 6th of July, 2019

"...the priest gives his hands and his voice to Christ so that they can be used to make present in…
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