‘Follow your dreams, just like S. Joseph,’ the Bishop urges the young


The Bishop of Nottingham has urged young people across his diocese to ‘never dismiss their dreams’ on the Solemnity of St Joseph.

During a Mass this morning, which was live streamed to all schools across the diocese, Bishop Patrick McKinney described how dreams were a constant theme in the life of St Joseph, through which God spoke to Joseph and guided him.

During his homily, Bishop Patrick asked the young people of his diocese: “Do you have dreams? I hope you do have dreams about what you would like to do as you grow up. Perhaps be a scientist and discover great vaccines to protect people; or be the third-ever woman Prime Minister of the UK, or be a teacher, and help young people to learn and grow in their ideas, or be a priest or nun, or whatever it is that you dream of becoming. Many of you probably do have dreams of what you’d like to do with your life.”

He continued: “Dreams like that are good. Never dismiss dreams because, as you see what happened in St Joseph’s life, God can make use of dreams to help guide us as to what he may wish for us to do with our lives. In and through our dreams it can become clearer how Christ may be calling us to follow him as his disciples.”

The Mass was celebrated from the bishop’s chapel at Bishop’s House, Nottingham and it marked the launch of the diocese’s Year of St Joseph to coincide with the wider Year of St Joseph, which is currently being celebrated across the whole of the Universal Church.

Bishop Patrick explained to the young people participating, that according to the Gospels, St Joseph had four significant dreams “in which God speaks to him and guides his actions.”

He continued: “The first is when, in a dream, he’s told not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife although she’s going to have a baby. The next is when he’s warned to escape Herod’s plan to kill baby Jesus by leaving their home and escaping with Mary and Jesus into Egypt; the next dream is when God gives him the message that it’s safe now to leave Egypt and return to Israel; and the fourth and final dream is when he’s guided not to settle with his family in Judea, but to go and make their family home in Galilee.”

St Joseph is the Patron of the universal church along with fathers, unborn children, workers, expectant mothers and many more important causes.