Natural fertility matters

Are you an engaged or married couple looking for a scientifically proven, ethical and effective natural family planning method? Or a married couple struggling with infertility or early miscarriage and looking for answers and a natural way forward? Or a woman suffering with PMS / polycystic ovaries / unusual cycles and would like to improve your gynaecological and reproductive health?

Amanda Adebisi (FertilityCare Practitioner Intern) teaches the Creighton Model System, which:

  • is consistent with Catholic teaching, based on the respect for human life and human dignity.
  • enables the woman to know when fertile on any given day
  • brings hope to those longing to have a family
  • empowers women to understand and monitor their cycles and know what is normal/abnormal.

Please contact Amanda on 07793 350882 / for more information about the learning programme and to see how she can help you.