Nottingham Diocese LGBT+ ministry in the present circumstances (COVID-19 control measures)

Many LGBT+ Catholics will be estranged from biological family even though some are blessed with a ‘family of choice’. However, during this time of crisis and isolation we need extra support because the pressures on lgbt people might be acute, a survey has shown that they:

  • Might be more excluded and marginalised,
  • Still need safe and stable accommodation,
  • Are in insecure employment,
  • Are having increased difficulty accessing health care,
  • May be estranged from the church they love,
  • Might just need to talk to a sympathetic Catholic.

If you are an LGBT+ Catholic, or a friend or family member, you will be especially welcome to the support of our pastoral ministry in the diocese. The dedicated LGBT+ ministry is there for you if:

  • you want to talk to a priest who has experience in accompanying LGBT+ Catholics, their families and friends;
  • you have been hurt by the church and you seek healing;
  • you are an LGBT+ person and you are wondering whether there is a place for you in the Catholic church;
  • or it just seems the right place for you to be.

There are priests and lay people connected to the LGBT+ ministry in all cities of the diocese. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone either by phone or through the internet. To get in touch with our dedicated team, please email to:

Sources of internet support include: