Obituary: Rev. Mgr. Georges Tutto (+)


The following reflection on the life of the Rev. Mgr. Georges Tutto (+) was written by Antonia Moffat, at the basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Mgr. Georges Tutto RIP - great champion and advocate of Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Walsingham and Queen of Peace

Our beloved Mgr. Georges Tutto, died aged ninety-two years very peacefully on Monday, the 13th of November, 2017 and is now in the arms of Jesus Merciful Saviour. A faithful and committed priest has gone back to his Lord who he served and loved so well. Jesus, his Blessed Mother and all of Heaven will be rejoicing to receive him into Eternal Glory. Let us be joyful for a life well lived on this earth and now to continue in its wonderful fulfilment. He was such a dear and close spiritual friend and shared our mutual love and zeal for Our Blessed Lady’s plans for these times. He was an inspiration to us all and a rock of support and encouragement. He will now be a wonderful intercessor for all our needs here.

Mgr. Georges Tüttö was Chaplain to the Roman Catholic Hungarians in Great Britain and has lived and worked in the Catholic community in Britain since 1953, after training in Hungary and Austria. He has been Ecclesiastical President of the Association of Roman Catholic Hungarians in Great Britain since 1986, and has published widely on Medjugorje spirituality.

At Medjugorje in 1984, he made a vow to the Blessed Mother that he would spend the rest of his life spreading her messages. He was a towering figure in promoting the Messages of the Queen of Peace. He led a Medjugorje evening in London for seventeen years. Every month from 1987 he celebrated the holy Mass for us and gave us profound insights as to her Messages, which eventually became a book called Living the Gospel with Our Lady. This was the first of several books and pamphlets, which informed our spirituality and helped to deepen our relationship with Jesus our Lord and Saviour Christ and his holy Mother. He was a great spiritual leader and director to many of us and we will always be immensely grateful to him.

Mgr. Georges Tutto’s love for the Lord and his Holy Church led him to a deep and profound devotion and understanding of England as the Dowry of Mary and of the importance of Our Lady of Walsingham and her beloved Shrine for the eventual Conversion of England. A Hungarian priest who had a far greater understanding of England’s grace, than most English priests and faithful! You will remember well his many articles and letters in the Catholic press.

What he did for Our Lady's Shrine in Walsingham and especially in remembrance of Charlotte Boyd and her cause is to be greatly commended, for it was Mgr. Tutto who cared for the grave of Charlotte Boyd for over twenty years and who championed her cause. I know so as I worked with him ... and I have Mgr. Tutto's entire Walsingham/Charlotte Boyd file and all the letters of correspondence he had with numerous cardinals, bishops and priests!

Fr. Tutto loved Our Lady of Walsingham and never ceased to speak of and pray for her intercession. His great hope was that one-day the mortal remains of Charlotte Boyd would be laid to rest in Walsingham besides the Slipper Chapel, which she so generously gave to the Catholic Church and which eventually became our National Marian Shrine. For this we pray!

Fr. Tutto was a great support and encouragement for the Pilgrim Statue Tour of Our Lady of Reconciliation which toured throughout the Dioceses of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for sixteen years following its blessing by His Holiness Pope John Paul II on the 24th of September 1997, in St. Peter’s Square. It initiated a mission of Reconciliation through Reparation embracing the reconciling Mission of Our Lady of Walsingham for the re-evangelization of these Isles. Fr. Tutto was involved with setting up and helping to initiate a movement of spirituality of Reparation and Atonement to repair the damage of the English Reformation, which eventually led to Pilgrimages of Reparation and Consecration being set up in the various Marian National Shrines. There is so much more I could write here. Bishop Leo Parker, the Bishop of Northampton once said in 1951, “When the many pilgrimages of reparation shall bear fruit and England makes restitution by rebuilding and restoring to Our Lady her Holy House of the Annunciation.” Mgr. Tutto deeply understood this need for Reparation.

As a Hungarian National Mgr. Tutto had a great love for Hungary and her beloved Church and never ceased to pray and work on her behalf. He was in direct contact with the three contemporary twentieth-century, Hungarian mystics, whose spirituality of reparation and atonement he greatly embraced. He translated into English their publications and one, which is an especial jewel for my apostolic work, is Adoration, Reparation, Intercession – Prayers and devotions before the Blessed Sacrament with our Lady.

I had the privilege of being present when Mgr. Georges Tutto was granted the highest award possible from the land of Hungary, from the Hungarian Ambassador, for Mgr. Georges Tutto's services to his Nation and Church and for his great role in bringing down the Iron Curtain and the end of Communism. Fr. Tutto was held as a prisoner of war for nearly three years and we only learnt of this terrible ordeal during this ceremony.

For a while Fr. Georges had not known who any one was … yet, on my last visit, he certainly knew how to give me his priestly blessing which I received three times! I will always greatly treasure this last visit. He also never forgot to pray the Hail Mary! He would often in previous visits express how impatient he was to go to the Lord! He was happy to be in Maryville Care Home in Brentford in Middlesex, run by the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, which he said had such a beautiful and tender Marian spirit. It was a joy to visit Fr. Georges so obviously at peace even as his memory was fading. Kathy Kelly of the Padre Pio bookshop visited him on Sunday, the 12th of November, the day before he died. As often happens before someone dies… Fr. Tutto was totally lucid … Kathy had the grace of praying the Chaplet of Mercy with him and much more. That night Kathy pleaded with the Lord to take him soon!

Thank you Fr. Georges for your great love for Our Lady in which we participated through your prayer, spiritual leadership, talks and books. Please keep us in your heart so that we may continue to grow closer to Jesus and to Mother Mary.

A great priest Son of Holy Church, a great son of Hungary and also a great son of the UK! I know he will be praying for all of us and for the Conversion of our land.

Like you all, I give thanks for this beautiful and holy priest and for knowing him. He was a real gift from God to the world. It is with great gratitude that I pray for his soul and plead with him to continue to pray for Our Lady of Walsingham's mission for the Conversion of England.

May God grant him eternal rest and may His reward be very great. He was much loved.

Rest in peace dearest Fr. Georges.

Antonia Moffat.