VACANCY: post of lay chaplain at the University of Nottingham

Full-time position for 1 year.

An exciting live-in opportunity to work alongside a chaplain as part of a large, active Catholic community, as well as working as part of a dynamic and diverse chaplaincy team. For more information, or to apply, please contact the Rev. Fr. Jonathan Rose (Catholic Chaplain) at If you are applying, please attach your CV, with at least two references.

Closing date for applications: Monday, the 6th of Mary, 2019
Interviews to be held on: Friday the 10th of May, 2019

As a recognised Assistant Catholic Lay Chaplain to the University of Nottingham, the Catholic Lay Chaplain works under the guidance of the ordained Catholic Chaplain and as part of the team of chaplains recognised by the University. He or she plays a full and active role in the team, e.g., by attending team meetings and ecumenical events.

As Catholic Lay Chaplain, your duties will include:

  • Being a welcoming presence in the Chaplaincy’s hospitality room on the University’s main campus.
  • Assisting the ordained Catholic Chaplain in the pastoral care of Catholic members of the University of Nottingham and in building up their spiritual, liturgical and religious life.
  • Assisting in catechesis and outreach at the university, helping staff members and students to live out their Catholic faith in the circumstances of their daily lives.
  • Being responsible for the setting-up before, facilitating of, and tidying-up after the celebration of Mass on Sundays throughout the year and on holydays of obligation and other weekdays during term. This would also include maintaining various Mass centers across three campuses, as well as keeping altar linen and other Mass equipment in good condition.
  • Leading the Catholic community of the university in their prayer life, including regular morning and evening prayer. In addition to this, coordinating other acts of worship, both liturgical and devotional.
  • Acting as an listening ear and confidant to staff members and students alike, being empathic and manifesting an unconditional positive regard to all. This will involve working with other members of Student Services to ensure that staff and students receive requisite and appropriate support.
  • Managing administrative duties and room bookings on behalf of the ordained Chaplain. This will also include preparing the weekly bulletin and other publicity material, as well as maintaining the Catholic Chaplaincy website and other social media.
  • Supporting the University of Nottingham Catholic Society.

The Lay Chaplain is provided with lodging in Newman House, the Catholic Chaplaincy’s student house, and is responsible for the managing of it on a day-to-day basis. It is a genuine occupational requirement that the Lay Chaplain be a baptised, confirmed and practising Catholic. For a more detailed job description, salary and any other enquiries, please email Father Jonathan Rose at