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Adoremus Congress Keynote Speaker: Bishop Robert Barron. He has a world-wide following and is an inspirational speaker visit:

Word on Fire - young people love him. This is an opportunity for people in the UK to listen to him. Could you be inspired.

We have coaches leaving form Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.


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Christ, the deepest meaning...

"To enable us to know, accept and follow him, the Son of God took on our flesh. In this way he also saw the Father humanly, within the setting of a journey unfolding in time. Christian faith is faith in the Incarnation of the Word and his bodily resurrection; it is faith in a God who is so close to us that he entered our human history. Far from divorcing us from reality, our faith in the Son of God made man in Jesus of Nazareth enables us to grasp reality’s deepest meaning and to see how much God loves this world and is constantly guiding it towards himself. This leads us, as Christians, to live our lives in this world with ever greater commitment and intensity."



His Holiness Pope Francis, 266th in the line of the Apostle S. Peter.

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The Didache (Church history)

"...Be meek, since the meek shall inherit the earth. Be long-suffering and pitiful and guileless and gentle..."

The Youth2000 Walsingham Summer Festival 2018

From the 23rd to the 27th of August, a new opportunity for young Catholics.

Confirmations at S. Winefride's, Shepshed

This is a photo-post from the event.

Saints of God, come to their aid...

On the funeral rites of the Church.

“Seek refuge in Mary because she is the city of refuge. We know that Moses set up three cities of refuge for anyone who inadvertently killed his neighbour. Now the Lord has established a refuge of mercy, Mary, even for those who deliberately commit evil. Mary provides shelter and strength for the sinner.” - S. Anthony of Padua

Youth events

The Youth2000 Walsingham Summer Festival 2018

From the 23rd to the 27th of August, a new opportunity for young Catholics.

The Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes, 2018

This is a video-post, with many thanks to Joanna Knight.

Young Adults day

This is an Events page about a young adults event to be held at Nottingham in May.

Encounter: a Young Adults Lenten program in Central Nottingham

This is an Events page for the youth event Encounter.

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