What We Do

In our diocese, we want to help our people to become disciples and to equip them to share the love and message of Christ with others.

The word ‘disciple’ means to be a disciplined learner, so to be a disciple of Jesus is to commit to following His teachings and to learn from Him throughout our whole lives. To be a disciple is to commit to a lifelong process of growth.

Through offering our support, we enable our people and our communities to grow, to become missionary, and to thrive. We are working towards all of our churches becoming outward-looking churches.


Everything starts with our personal relationship with Jesus. We offer opportunities for encounter with Jesus through our local schools, parishes and faith communities.


Discipleship means growth. We provide opportunities  for spiritual growth at every stage of life.


Supporting our priests and parishes so that they can focus on their mission.


Equipping local leaders with the tools for mission.

Meet Bishop Patrick

Meet our bishop, Bishop Patrick McKinney, the tenth bishop of Nottingham.

The Role of the Vicars General

The role of the Vicar General is defined in Canon Law as to assist the Bishop in the governance of the whole diocese.  In Nottingham diocese there are two Vicars General, Canon Eddy and Canon John, who each have diocesan-wide responsibility for some aspects (such as Canon Eddy on interfaith matters), and who sometimes take the lead on matters in specific parts of the diocese (Canon Eddy in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Rutland, Canon John in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire).

Together with the Episcopal Vicars and the Chancellor they form the Bishop’s Council; they are also members of the Council of Priests, and liaise regularly with the Deans and clergy in their lead-counties in the diocese.

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We are a diverse Catholic community, united by a common faith in a loving God.

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