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Ongoing Formation and Support for Clergy 

We provide a Christ-centred approach to the formation and well-being of priests and deacons, by holistically supporting and resourcing their human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral development. Ongoing formation is not 'time-off' from the parish but a way of making ministry more faithful, effective, and fruitful - accepted positively by priest and people for the benefit of all.

Today, We Offer

Study Days and In-Service Training

Yearly Clergy Retreats and Clergy Conferences

Clergy Days of Recollection

Supportive Conversations and Pastoral Review

Strengthening the Bonds of Brotherhood

As we re-orient ourselves to a landscape changed due to coronavius (COVID-19), our first task is to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among our clergy, which have suffered due to a season of isolation and fragmentation. 

It is with renewed purpose towards our mission to bring Jesus Christ to the faithful in the diocese of Nottingham that we are focusing on the following areas, drawn from the recommendations derived from our Priests’ Survey in 2021 and subsequent conferences.

Human & Personal Development

Including: fraternity, clergy meals, Nottingham Priests Together, Opus Dei, Jesus Caritas, Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, supportive conversation, and appraisal and retirement preparation.

Pastoral Skills in Communication, Facilitative Leadership, & Coaching

Including: team ministry, sharing best practice, leading multiple communities, leading multi-ethnic communities, discerning gifts and charisms, change management and re-organisation, and awakening missionary potential.

Intellectual Development

Including: scripture, Catholic Social Teaching, and Catholic moral teaching.

Technology, Communication, and Administration

Policy for grants for individual ongoing formation, practical support for sabbaticals, diocesan library parish review, effective use of media and other communication technology, training in modern evangelisation techniques and IT Training.

Meet Our Team

Rev Deacon Warren Peachey
Deacon, Ongoing Formation for Clergy Cooridinator
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