Connect with your local church and priest

The first step is to find your local church and get in touch with your local priest. You can find your local church with the search tool linked below. Once you are in touch with them, they can help you through much of the rest of the process. If you are both Catholics, you can get in touch with either of your parish priests.

Prepare together

Marriage preparation is the next key step. The Catholic Church requires that couples who wish to be married in the Church are prepared for it, as it is a Sacrament and a holy vow made before God. Your local priest will likely be able to help you with marriage preparation.

Support for couples

If you are looking for support as a couple, our Marriage and Family Life team is here to help! They assist couples in finding marriage preparation courses, offering marriage & family support and providing training in Natural Family Planning. Feel free to get in touch with them!

Father David Palmer
Parish Priest and Chaplain to the Nottingham Universities
Marriage and Family Life

A calling to love

The Catholic Church teaches that married life is a vocation, a calling from God. It is amazing that you feel called to this great vocation - head over to our vocations section to more about it!