The Clergy Health & Well-Being Service

This service reflects the desire of Bishop Patrick to support his clergy’s health and wellbeing in their ministry from seminary and into their retirement. The service respects the individuality of each priest or deacon. It seeks to provide a personal and professional assessment of their needs, with their consent and to promote the health and well-being of clergy whilst valuing their unique contribution to the life of the Church.

The service provides holistic assessment of physical and mental well-being and social and spiritual support needs. Where appropriate, clergy will be assessed and referred to specific agreed services for on-going support to meet these needs. The Co-ordinator will support individuals as they transition from active full-time ministry through to retirement.

This is a confidential service which respects individual privacy within the framework of good governance and safeguarding. It seeks practical, positive outcomes to support clergy in the challenging ministry of spreading the Gospel.

What are out goals?

1) To support clergy in their health and well-being in order to promote their health in ministry. This is an holistic care service, taking into account physical and mental well-being, social and spiritual support needs. Whilst most deacons may benefit from their own family support, the service will be open to those deacons who lack this support. Cases will be assessed on an individual basis.

2) To provide support in returning to ministry after periods of illness and to identify when work and living environments require change or adaptation in order to allow them to continue in ministry.

3) To promote good health and well being through advice and appropriate referral.

4) To identify challenges to health and well-being at an early stage in order to suggest positive care and support.

5) To promote health and well being through developing clergy access to occupational health review at appropriate points during ministry.

6) To evolve caring support and advice for: seminarians in training, clergy in ministry, those stepping away from full-time ministry, and those living in retirement.

Who can contact the service?
- Clergy themselves
- A Dean, a brother priest or a member of diocesan staff
- Concerned relatives or parishioners

Structure, Function & Contacts

The Clergy Health & Well-Being Operational Team
This team is the operational heart of the service. We meet every 2 weeks and speak more frequently if required. Team members regularly deal with the needs of clergy on a one-to-one basis. The Co-ordinator receives referrals and follows these up with appropriate contact, assessment, support, and referral on. The work of the team is confidential and sharing occurs only on a need-to-know basis within the team. Referrals outside the team are always agreed with those who are receiving support and care before they are made.

The Team members are:
Bishop Patrick McKinney
Rev Canon Eddy Jarosz
Vicar General Rev Canon Joe Wheat
Vicar General Rev Canon John Kyne Episcopal Vicar for Clergy
The Co-ordinator – Frances Cordes Tel: 07340 776495

The Clergy Health & Well-Being Committee
This Committee meets each quarter and discusses the over-arching policies and strategic direction ofthe service. It has oversight of how resources are spent. This Committee is more diverse than the ClergyHealth & Well-Being Team, taking input from a broader range of people.

The current make-up of the Committee includes the following:
Chair: Rev Canon John Kyne Episcopal Vicar for Clergy
Rev Canon Eddy Jarosz Vicar General
Rev Canon Joe Wheat Vicar General
Rev Canon Paul Chipchase Episcopal Vicar for Finance & Administration
Rev Anthony Cordes Deacon
Frances Cordes Clergy Health & Well-Being Co-Ordinator
Karen Foong Director of On-going Formation
Jonathan Gamble Diocesan Accountant
Chris Reynolds Lay Advisor

Financial Support Questions?
Clergy in ministry or retired who have additional financial needs pertaining to health & well-being please contact:
Rev John Kyne Episcopal Vicar for Clergy Tel: 01623 623458Email:

For Finance relating to Property & Grants please contact:
Rev Canon Paul Chipchase Episcopal Vicar for Finance & Administration Tel: 0115 9539800 Email:

Who should get in touch?

Clergy seeking advice on:
- Requesting a visit from the Co-ordinator
- Health & well-Being advice and referral- on to appropriate specialists for their care and support
- The use and completion of the Clergy Health & Well-Being Portfolio
- Accessing Mental Health & Well-Being support
- Advice on seeking home modification assessment to support priests in ministry and daily living following illness
- Health Promotion and the Occupational Health Pilot Scheme
- Questions relating to the current Diocesan policies regarding the care of sick and retired clergy including matters of finance and property in retirement
- Financial worries and concerns relating to health & well-being
- The process of transition and support from full-time ministry and into retirement
- Health & Well-Being support for priests from overseas or from outside the Diocese- How best a member of the clergy can support a colleague in their health & well-being

Members of Curial departments who have concerns for the health & well-being of a member of clergy

A family member or carer seeking Health & Well-being advice on their care of a member of the clergy

Any individual who has concerns for the health & well-being of a member of clergy

An external body or service e.g., social or health care services in support of a member of clergy

Meet Our Team

Rev Canon John Kyne
Parish Priest, Vicar General, Clergy Safeguarding Lead
Clergy formation & well-being
Frances Cordes
Clergy Health and Well-being Co-Ordinator
Department for Clergy
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