Our Programme

Our full programme of Education Service Continuing Professional Development and Formation can be found in the following handbook.

The courses listed within the handbook are not exhaustive and additional courses will be arranged during the year.  Schools will also receive email notifications of all courses that are being arranged. The handbook will be updated on a regular basis throughout the year and schools will be informed of this too.

Bishop's Certificate for Teachers (BCT)

The purpose of the Bishop’s Certificate for Teachers (BCT) is to provide primary school teachers in Catholic primary schools within our diocese the opportunity to explore and understand the core theological principles of the Catholic faith in order to assist with, and compliment the delivery of the ‘Come and See’ RE programme. 

This foundation course for primary school teachers aims to: provide an insight into aspects of the Catholic faith for primary school teachers in our Catholic schools, increase the knowledge and understanding of the theological background to topics in the ‘Come and See’ RE programme, increase staff confidence with regards to the delivery of RE in the classroom, develop a creative approach to RE provision, provide an encouraging learning environment in which to question and explore the faith. 

This is a six-day course divided into twelve sessions delivered over one academic year, culminating with the presentation of certificates by Bishop Patrick. There will be a requirement for each participant to complete and submit one assignment for the course which will be linked to a practical element within school.