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The Sisters of Providence, Rosminian is an international Congregation of Pontifical rite with a spirit similar to that of the Institute of Charity founded by Blessed Antonio Rosmini whom the Sisters venerate as their Founder and spiritual father. Our Congregation is consecrated to Jesus Christ Crucified and to Our Lady of Sorrows.

The end of our Congregation is the sanctification of its members, who pledge themselves to live the Gospel, helping and encouraging one another, with their hearts fully open to any work of charity towards their neighbour. When Blessed Antonio Rosmini presented the Constitutions to the first small group of Sisters in Northern Italy in 1833 he stated: “We have, along with all the faithful, one great law of life: the Gospel of Christ. We need to have it to hand day and night. Our Constitutions derive from it and should lead to it.”

The Sisters are involved in education and pastoral ministry in Tanzania, Kerala Italy, Venezuela, Colombia and England.

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