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Aquinas 101

Open your mind to the unity of truth – with St. Thomas Aquinas as your guide.

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Aquinas 101 is a project of the Thomistic Institute that seeks to promote understanding of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the eminent 13th century philosopher and theologian. Aquinas is a masterful interpreter of reality. His writings assist us in answering perennial questions on topics like God, man, the natural world, law, and morality, and questions of special relevance to our time like the relationship between modern science and faith or pursuing happiness in the digital era. Each Aquinas 101 video walks viewers through a different theme in just a few minutes. On, you’ll also find short readings and podcast lectures accompanying each video. We encourage you to enroll in a course to receive full lessons in your email inbox or browse the lessons at your own pace. Please help us spread the light of truth by sharing these videos with your friends and family — because it matters what you think!

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