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The Funeral Service of Baby Indi Gregory

On Friday 1st December, we will celebrate the life of baby Indi Gregory at Nottingham Cathedral

Saturday, November 25, 2023
Right Reverend Patrick McKinney

On Friday 1st December, we will celebrate the life of baby Indi Gregory at Nottingham Cathedral and entrust her precious soul to God’s love. We wish to express the Church’s care and closeness to her grieving family at this difficult time.

As a Church we will continue to contribute to wider discussions on questions of when treatment becomes disproportionate to any possible benefit, the duty of the continuation of basic care and the rights of parents. You can read more about this, here.

Over the coming week, and especially on Friday, we hope you will understand that our sole concern will be supporting Indi’s family as they prepare to lay her to rest.

May baby Indi rest in peace, and may all who loved her find consolation in the days ahead.

Practical Notes for Press and Media

Friday's service for baby Indi will focus prayerfully on celebrating Indi's life and on supporting her family in their grief. With this in mind, the following practical arrangements have been agreed upon with Indi's family.

Boundaries: TV, journalists, press or media personnel will not be permitted on Cathedral grounds on the morning of Friday 1st December

Live Streaming: The service, beginning at 10.15AM will be live-streamed at www.nottinghamcathedral.co.uk and is available to re-watch.

Texts and further press release: After the Funeral Service various texts including the Bishop's Homily, a Papal message, and the Order of Service will be available to view via the Diocese of Nottingham website at www.dioceseofnottingham.uk/deparments/communications

Photography: A selection of high-quality photographs of the service for media use can be accessed shortly after the service by contacting the Diocese of Nottingham Communications Office using naomi.roberts@dioceseofnottingham.uk

No further statements other than those mentioned will be released.

For enquiries or clarification, please contact the communications office using naomi.roberts@dioceseofnottingham.uk

We kindly yet firmly ask that these arrangements are respected.

Diocese of Nottingham

Saturday 25th November 2023

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